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Landing Page Vs home page || What is landing page and its use?

Landing Page Vs home page || What is landing page and its use?

Updated On: 12 July 2021 Blog Category: SEO

Topics: Digital Marketing

What is landing page? 

A landing page is a standalone (single operating) web page that a person "lands" on after clicking through from an email, ads, or other digital location or social media platform.

In other words, "Landing page is a single working page which makes your web user or customer land on the page and encourrage to take actions like subscribe to service, blog, join your site, purchage your products. 

When we collect our customers from emails, social media or other digital platform they need to target a specific marketing goal. We can't land them a website home page. Because the webpage has many menu items or many marketing goals. But through a landing page we target a specific goal users or customers. 

Uses of landing page

(i) targeting a user/customer of specific marketing goal.

(ii)  converting a paid traffic into a customer like search traffic and paid social traffic and organic search traffic. 

(iii) special marketing compaign

(iv) selling various courses

(v) email marketing as well as digital marketing.   

Landing page vs home page 

(i) landing page is a standalone webpage while home page has many pages targeting links. Home page is a collection of many webpages. 

(ii) landing page is used to make an action by your traffic while home page or other website pages are only informational. 

(iii) Landing page is designed to achieve a specific marketing goal while home page is a entry page of your website informational data. 

(iv) Landing page has no distractions it is single targeting goal while when your customers land on a home page they may distract to see many goals or features of your website. 

How landing page works? 

When we make an offer to any of our customers, he/she gets attracted by our offer and lands on our landing page. Then he gives us some of his information to take our products or services and we easily pass our products or services to him through those information. Aren't landing pages amazing!

Types of landing pages

There are mainly two types of landing pages 

Lead generation landing pages 

Also known as “lead gen” and “lead capture” pages, this type of landing page focuses on collecting lead data. In other words, it collects information about your customers. It ask your users/customer for some data like name, email, phone number. Acording to your goal this information or collecting data may be differ. 

In this way, the data that lead generation pages capture helps improve your marketing strategy and make it more efficient. It allows you to tailor your ads to your audience so that you won’t spend money advertising to people who aren’t likely to convert.

Click-through landing pages

Unlike lead gen pages, which use forms, the focal points of click-through landing pages are CTA buttons. Clicking the button redirects your users to a page where they can complete your desired action.

You’ll often find click-through landing pages on e-commerce websites or other sites that are more focused on making sales/goals immediately rather than collecting user information. Besides the CTA button, these landing pages generally include persuasive information like product details or user testimonials to further intrigue and engage prospective customers.



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