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ANDROID Tutorials

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ANDROID Tutorials

Introduction of Android

Topics Covered: Introduction of Android, Android Tools, Android Studio

Introduction of Android

Android is an open source and Linux kernel-based operating system for mobile devices like smartphones, tablet andcomputers. Android was developed by the Open Handset Alliance, primarily lead by Google.

It supports 2-D and 3-D graphics. The Android system also supports background processing and provoides a rich user interface library.

There is only basic Android programming tips where as Android is being very famaous for its application among various developers. Now a days many of smartphones are comming with androids application. To learn Android tutorial there are a lot of confusions in mind that where to starts? where to learn? How to learn? Where to obtain all softwares easily. We are just going to start this tutorial in very easy language and illustrated steps for beginners.

This tutorials is started for beginners to help them in order to learn and understand some basic concepts of Android programming language. There is also a moto for users to create their first android application themselves.

Android Tools: Android tools provide us various specialised tools such as editors for editing Android files. SDK Manager are another tools. Eclipse is another tools which create your application very easily and has its own impotance. Many developer uses Eclipse to develop their Android Apps.

Android Studio: Google provides this IDE softaware called Android Studio, Which is installed in your system and it provides you a platform to create your own applications.

Android programming language is written in the Java programming language. If you know just ABC in Java programming It will be very easier for you to learn Android. All coding system is based on Java Language.


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