HTML Introduction




HTML is very easy and short coded language. which is first developed by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990. HTML is short name of HyperText Markup Language. HTML is used to create web pages. These pages are called electronic document (ED) which are displayed on World Wide Web. There are many HTML tags which is used in this language. All pages which are connected to each other by a link called Hyperlink. HTML language is also recommended by World Wide Web. Many browsers Like chrome, Mozilla, Safari and Opera etc. supports this web language.


Main and basic HTML tags are 'html', 'head', 'tittle' and 'body'. Other tags are 'p' for paragraphs, 'li' for list, 'div' for creating div i.e box. 'table' for creating table. These are some examples of tag. that can be understand very easily. HTML pages are written in simple note pad. Coding of this language is very simple. Each tag has its closing tag which is written with '/' symbol. HTML page is saved as with .html file extention.


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